I was a happy girl until I became a teacher… Lol.

Let’s start again;

I was a happy girl, who liked to joke around, and when I was not climbing trees or riding my bicycle, I used to write short stories about my life.

At age 11 my stories were published in a national weekly newspaper for children. They were accompanied by my drawings, done with pencils or black ink. At age 11, when people asked me what I was doing, I used to say: “I’m making sort-of Comics. When I grow up, someone will teach me how to make real Comics.”

Life has led me to various creative routes. I painted, sculpted, made jewelry, created installations, and published articles and photographs.

I traveled the world and settled down in Los Angeles, California. I graduated from Claremont Grad University with an MFA degree in Sculpture, and later I earned two teaching credentials. Recently, I’ve moved to Texas, where I continue to create my art and explore.

One day after some exhausting experiences in school, I came home and drew a kid holding a phone and calling her mom to complain about her horrible teacher (= Moi). This was the first drawing in The English Teacher Comics series, and many more came afterward.

So now I am making The English Teacher Comics, which are sort-of Comics.

When I grow up, even more, someone will teach me how to make real Comics.

Shoshana 12345