Here I am again, and this time with a little more experience, as two issues of The English Teacher Comics: Epic School Life, are already out there, in paperback and on Kindle.

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So here are some tips about comic papers for your comic needs:

Paper Size
Keep in mind that you need to use a paper that is larger than your final comic. The smallest size of comic books is 6”x9”. You may use a bigger size (mine is 6″x9″), but nevertheless-  you should have the size in mind right in the beginning of your work, especially when it comes to your dialogues. If you illustrate your comics on an 11”x17” paper, use big enough fonts, as the letters will eventually shrink.

Paper Brand
When I started to create my comics I didn’t even illustrate them as comics per se. I put each illustration on a standard A4 cardboard, as I thought about streaming my comics only online. I worked BIG and I treated every illustration as a work of art.
Later, before publication, I had to bring all my drawings together in Photoshop, and create panels.
Quite a complicated journey.

Today I illustrate my comics directly on a comic book paper, using mainly Deleter brand, type A. Experiment with this paper, order also type B, and see if you like it.
The Deleter paper comes with a green scale, center marks, out of marks areas etc, which will help you to organize your panels.

Other brands I recommend for experimentation:

A good example to how my comics had looked before I placed them in panels. (Great look, if you like to sell them as artwork)
A good example of how my comics had looked before I placed them in panels. (Great look, if you like to sell them as artwork)

♣ Bristol paper, series 300 or 500 by Starthmore. Both Deleter and Strathmore‘s papers are thick enough and will hold your ink very well. They even hold my glue, when I paste layers of scratch papers as a part of my design.
Strathmore Bristol paper can be found at any art store. If you wish to sell your comics as an artwork (one illustration or one page at a time), use the 500 series of Strathmore‘s Bristol pads, to maintain the quality and longevity of your artwork.

♣ Canson has 11”x17” and 8.5”x11” size of papers in pads. The drawing marks are already there, as in Deleter. Their paper is of a high quality, and it is my recommendation to experiment with it.

♣ Personally- I am using Blick Art Materials to purchase my paper (and other products). I like Blick‘s wide variety of products as well as their service.

There are other companies out there, which are probably awesome. We should be grateful that the current comic book market can offer us such a wide array of companies and products. I suggest: experiment, experiment, enjoy.

Next time I will go deeper into the production stages of your comics.

Read comics, create comics, and prosper♥

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