A+ from teacher Shoshana to the wonderful psychological thriller He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

During the 1st half of the movie, you will find yourself being fond of the main character (actress Audrey Tautou, from the awesome movie Amelie). During the 2nd half of the movie, you will find yourself in a huge turmoil, doubting your sense of judgment, asking yourself: What the heck was I thinking?

The movie is a fabulous testimonial to how image and sound are able to control our mind, and how a movie creator (or a storyteller) can manipulate our thinking.
In the era of fake news and propaganda, this movie is an enlightening tool.

As an educator, I always teach my students to look at things from different points of view, not just visually (as I teach art) but also conceptually. Every one of us has this urge to jump promptly into conclusions, but in order to capture a whole picture one should consider various angles and details, and even then there is a huge chance we will receive a distorted view of reality.

Have two students stand in a certain spot with a camera in front of the same image and you will find out that each one of them captures a different picture.
And then – what about everything they have not captured? The things they have left outside the frame? May they be the main key to the whole picture?

This movie is a wonderful realization that whenever we watch anything, anything at all! we create our own reality.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.                A+ from teacher Shoshana.               French Movie. English subtitles.       Director: Laetitia Colombani