I am one of the many thousands of people who moved out from Cali to Texas and should brag about the high taxes of Cali.

It’s just that I’m not.


About taxes, I mean.

Only bragging about Texas.

Since I believe that whatever you focus on – expands, I am in a habit of talking about all the fine stuff that Texas offers, rather than making comparisons.

So here are all the things I love about Texas, especially in the area where I live:

👏🏻 There are lots of Ma and Pa’s businesses in a variety of areas: stores, coffee shops, renovation and design companies… and Ma and Pa seem to be very happy about it.

🚛 Great infrastructure where ever you drive. At first, all those roads and bridges scared me to death, but now I’m appreciating them. Roads are being built daily, and there are many options to take when you wish to drive from point A to point B.

💰 No income tax and prices are reasonable. Should I say more?

🌳 Raw nature, (as opposed to manicured landscapes), and abundance of water bodies, trails to walk and tour, and horses to ride.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 People are friendly and they pretty much show their true colors.

🏘 Neighbors are very neighborly. For instance, my neighbors came on the first day of the freeze to cover my outdoor faucets, with covers they purchased at Home Depot for me. Rightly so they assumed that the California girl next door is clueless about Texas’ weather and came to the rescue.

😎 It’s pretty safe here, and this feeling goes with you everywhere.

👍🏻 The place is international and well diverse. One can meet people from all over the world, when taking classes, befriend university students, or work at a business. In terms of races, languages, and sexual orientation – there is a nice variety here, and people talk about their preferences quite openly.

🚘 Texas is in a close proximity to other states, so traveling by car to tour the U.S seems convenient and fun.

🌷 And finally- I love the trees and flora here, and I adore this changing and surprising weather. One gets all the four seasons here in one day, which is very amusing. The plants are various, abundant, and richer in color than in any other place I’ve visited. Miraculously enough, many of the magnificent plants I planted in my yard don’t even need me to water them often, as they do well in this soil with the frequent rain alone.

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