A+ from teacher Shoshana to Nyle DiMarco, 25, who was the first deaf person to compete for the title American Next Top Model

nyleHe is highly photogenic, and he says things I constantly repeat to my students. For instance, he says: “I strongly believe that being deaf gives me a huge advantage because of my native language, American Sign Language (ASL)”.

Got it? For him, being deaf is a strength, and when you trust something so strongly, others will see it the way you see it- as a huge benefit.

In addition, he proves to us that reality is in our mind – another mantra I keep telling my students.

Reality is basically what you perceive as such. Want to perceive yourself as a loser? Go ahead, you will be one in no time. Want to perceive the world as a mean habitat? Fine, people all over will start abusing you right away.

I don’t know how far DiMarco made it in the competition; I don’t watch TV that much. I know he’s got a nice career going, cause there are many photos of him online. I also know he is an actor, and actually was recruited to America’s Next Top Model show by the crew who viewed him on stage, and was fond of him.

And that’s another thing I keep teaching my students: Be so confident in yourself and love what you do so much, that you won’t need to look for a job. The job will look for you.