It is the best of times, and it’s the greatest times. Really. No dull moment and no negativity are involved. I am about to launch my comic books, and it’s super exciting.

I know many of you would like to know how to start writing and illustrating comics books, how to publish them, and how to advertise them. I am going to tell you just that in details, here in this fine blog of mine. This is the teacher in me voicing out, wishing to uplift and have fun.

The English Teacher Comics, The Most Beautiful Class by Shoshana Brand. Soon in soft cover and as an e-book
The English Teacher Comics, an excerpt from Issue 1- Epic School Life by Shoshana Brand. Already in paperback and an e-book

I will embark upon various topics, and in this section, I am going to write about the BEGINNING. How to start your exciting chapter in life, as a comic book creator.

Make Up Your Mind Who You Really Are:
First, you need to decide if you are a writer, an illustrator, or both. So many times I view around awesome professional illustrations, alas they are accompanied by a story with no much substance.  It’s as if the illustrator has been out there with her stamina and talents, in a search of a good story that never came… well, don’t just make up a story to justify your awesome illustrations. Find a storyteller, and collaborate, or find your own voice as a writer and collaborate with an illustrator. If you want to tie yourself to only one side of the team, then seek a partner. Work together, and strive.

Personally, I gravitate towards illustrators with a unique style, the ones whom I look at their work and can immediately say: Hey, this is —-‘s work. For example, Kazu Kibuishi, Neil Babra or Catia Chien. Look for their work, and decide if their style speaks to you.

Find your own preferences through leafing through dozens and dozens of comic books, and not necessarily the ones who are popular or speak to the masses.

Choose Your Medium:
Nowadays comic books are done in watercolors, ink, crayons, pencils, digital programs, you name it. Which medium attracts you the most?

The English Teacher Comics, The Most Beautiful School, by Shoshana Brand. Soon in soft cover, and as an e-book.
The English Teacher Comics, an excerpt from The Most Beautiful School, by Shoshana Brand. Already in paperback, and an e-book.

I prefer pencils and color pencils, and I am crazy (literally crazy) about different scrap papers, so I use them a lot in my art. After sitting at the draft table, I bring my illustration into Photoshop and start playing.

Are you intimidated by computers? Are you intimated by watercolors or pencils? Find your weaknesses and strengths. Hold to your heart the medium you are most comfortable with, and at the same time try to explore them all.

In the art arena it is very useful to explore all the mediums we can use, and at the same time create a special bond with at least one. Unlike other fields which encourage expertise in one aspect, as an artist nowadays you are expected to be a multi-talented super-creature. Art is infinite, so you’ve got an open invitation to expand yourself.

Next time- I will write about the choice of papers, training, and much more.

Read comics, create comics, and prosper

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