I’ve had many studios in my life, and the current one is my favorite.

studio 2It is cozy; well lit, and serves my needs to create both jewelry and comics. I installed the right light, bought a gorgeous desk, and placed a friendly plant. From the window, I can see my rose garden, and hear the birds.

I used to have studios with gray cement floor and high ceiling. They usually looked like a blank canvas spotted with colorful crazy shapes. Now, when I no more create acrylic paintings and sculptures, I can work in a more subdued environment. This studio’s size is just perfect, and its carpet and two open doors give it a retro flair.
I work afternoon, but mostly at night. Nowadays I work on my comics every day for long hours, as I wish to publish them in July. My urge to put my ideas on paper pushes forward mostly between midnight and 3 a.m. I guess the moon is my Goddess and the stars are my Gods.

I draw the comics with a pencil, and when I am happy with the final drawings, I would use colored pencils to color everything. Later I sit at the computer and use Photoshop to add some more details to my comics and sharpen them. I use Photoshop to add colors and create backgrounds. I love shopping for scrap papers. I scan them and later bring in Photoshop to play with them.

studio 3Days after I finish my comics, I look at what I have created and I can’t believe it was made by me. I read it and laugh and enjoy it immensely, as if someone else has created them, and as if I see them the first time. I guess it’s because I forget myself during the process of creation, and I’m totally being consumed by the process.

In other words – in this perfect studio I slowly but surely am becoming my Comics. Wow…